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Dr. Ninitte Rolence (M.Phil., Ph.D)

Assistant Professor




A hardworking, sincere, passionate and conscientious teacher with personal interest in probing new and innovative areas of academics. Doctoral research has been based on Black Feminism and Ethnicity in Black Writings. Research interest mainly lies in the field of Culture Studies. Published papers and have made presentations on diverse topics in various National and International Seminars. A confidante and mentor for students. Possess a straight forward pleasant nature but, matter-of-fact when it comes to dealing with issues. Interested in social and charity work and is presently co-ordinator of a charity organization.
Reference 1 Dr. Premanand M.E., Associate Professor and HoD, Dept. of English, Malabar Christian College, Calicut.
Reference 2 Dr. Kunhammad K.K.,  Head of the Department, Department of Studies in English, Kannur University Thalassery Campus, Palayad, Thalassery.

Important Publications

  1. Rolence, Ninitte. “Journey of the Magi: A Metaphor of the Orient Epistemic Retreat.” Convergia5; Issue 5, 2016. Pp 47-54 ISSN 2322-0651
  2. Rolence Ninitte and Saigeetha S. “Singularity within Plurality: Writing the History of Belongingness in the \global Context.” Malabar Research Manual.” Department of Malayalam, Malabar Christian College, Calicut. Vol. 3, No.2, October 2015. Pp.55-61 Iissn 2320-947X
  3. Rolence, Ninitte and Roshni Prabhakaran. “De-colonizing the Spirit: Towards a Transgressive Pedagogy” New Trends in Language Learning Using Technology.” Prof. Vineetha Sophia Gabriel ed. Poorna: Kozhikode, 2016. ISBN: 978-81-300-1772-37486(3-2016)57.I. o. a
  4. Rolence, Ninitte and Roshni Prabhakaran. “Entrapping the Psyche: A Probe into Socio-Humanitarian Aspects of Advertisement.” NewTrends in Advertising. Poorna: Kozhikode, 2015. ISBN: 978-81-300-1684-97159(5-2015)120. I. o. a
  5. Rolence, Ninitte. “Problematics of Cartographed Identities: Nuruddin Farah’s Maps.” Diotima’s: A Journal of New Readings. Posrgraduate Department of English, Providence Women’s College, Kozhikode. Vol.2; December 2010.

Books/Book Chapters

Dr. M. Dasan, (Ed). Rethinking Multiculturalism. “Dialectics of Heritage: Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon.” Chapter 12. Ninitte Rolence.  Chennai: Emarald, 2006. ISBN 81-7966-172-5