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Mathematics is a science; it is an art; it is a precise and concise language, and it is a great problem-solving tool. Thus, mathematics is the SALT of life. To learn a language, such as English or Russian, first, you have to learn its alphabet, grammar, and syntax; you also have to build up a decent vocabulary to speak, read, or write. Each takes a lot of time and practice.

M.Sc. Mathematics is a two year (four-semester) programme, minimum eligibility is a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with 50% marks and above.

Courses of M.Sc. Mathematics Programme

Semester Course No. of courses Credit Hrs/wk


Core 5
Ability Enhancement Course 1 4 0


Core 5
Professional Competency Course 1 4 0


Core 4
Elective 1 3 5


Core 1 4 5
Elective 3
Project 1 4 5
Viva-voce 1 4 0

The learning objectives of the programme are

To enable the students