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About the Department
  1. First batch of B.Com (Finance) started in Malabar Christian College on 11th November 2013.
  2. Students of four batches (2013-16 , 2014-17, 2015-18 & 2016-19) completed the B.Com course successfully.
Programmes The duration of a B. Com programme shall be 6 semesters distributed over a period of 3 academic years. The odd semesters (1, 3, and 5) shall be from June to October and the even semesters (2, 4, and 6) shall be from November to March.  The B. Com programme shall include five types of courses, viz; Common Courses (Code A), Core courses (Code B), Complementary courses (Code C), Open Course (Code D) and Audit courses (Code E). Core courses are the courses in the major (core) subject of the degree programme chosen by the student. Core courses are offered by the Commerce department. Complementary courses cover disciplines that are related to the core subject and are distributed in the first four semesters. There shall be one open course in core subjects in the fifth semester. The open course shall be open to all the students from other departments except the students from the parent department. The students can opt that course from any other department in the institution. Every student of B. Com programme shall have to work on a project of 2 credits under the supervision of a faculty member or shall write a theory course based on Research Methodology as per the curriculum. . The eligibility criteria for admission shall be as announced by the University from time to time. The department conducts value added course on Tally and GST for interested students.
Faculty Members
  1. Midhula Mohan.K(Guest Lecturer)
  2. Vijyalakshmi.C(Guest Lecturer)
  3. Sheena.O(Guest Lecturer)
  4. Mrs.Vandana.M(Guest Lecturer)