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Dear Students and parents,

Founded in 1909 by the Basel Missionaries, Malabar Christian College still stands as a strong and steadfast beacon in the city of Calicut. The grandeur of Malabar Christian College arises from the fact that it was the first and only college in Malabar which was established to provide higher education without any discrimination of caste, colour or gender to one and all. The college has therefore played a key role in moulding and transforming the social scenario and change the system of education into one which is casteless and unbiased; today this lies at the epicentre from which all education is imparted whether in schools, colleges or universities.

The motto of the college – ‘Education without Discrimination’ lies at the heart and core of its tradition, and students who move out its classrooms, portals and corridors imbibe this value and it lies etched in their hearts and minds to be carried forward through generations till date. Therefore the college is the pride of Calicut and the Heart of the city. Also it lies at the heart of the city!! So symbolical!! No map of Calicut can be complete without Malabar Christian College.

I am grateful to God Almighty for giving me a chance to serve in this prestigious institution not only as a teacher in the department of English since 1987 but also as the Principal during 2013-16, and now as it’s Manager from Feb 23rd, 2021 onwards. Words cannot express my joy and my gratefulness at this moment. I thank our dear Bishop Rt.Rev.Dr. Royce Manoj Victor, all the Officers of the Malabar Diocese, and my dear friends for giving me this golden opportunity to serve Malabar Christian College. I fervently pray that I may be able to discharge my duties without any fear or favour for the progress and growth of the College.

May God bless all the staff and students of Malabar Christian College, past and present, and keep them safe under His mighty wings. Thank You.

With sincere wishes for a bright future.
Prof. Pavamani Mary Gladys

Contact: manageroffice@mccclt.ac.in