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The Master of Arts (M.A.) in Econometrics is a two-year full-time programme, each year comprising of two semesters. The course is one of the new generation courses introduced in the higher educational institutions across the state of Kerala in the academic year 2020-21. 

Econometrics is the quantitative application of statistical and mathematical models using data to develop theories or empirically test existing economic theories.

Programme overview: The course emphasizes learning of economic theory and theoretical and practical understanding of econometric and statistical methods of the analysis of economic data.  The course suits anyone who intends to work in a data analysis environment or pursue research degrees leading to academic positions in institutes of excellence in India and abroad.  

The course focuses on the theoretical, methodological and empirical approach to economics along with applications to socially relevant economic issues and policies. Quantitative analysis of economic data with computer applications is the hallmark of the programme. The M.A. Econometrics offers a well-balanced training in economic theory, statistical and mathematical methods and applied and theoretical econometrics. The courses of study include microeconomics, macroeconomics, mathematical methods, statistical methods, mathematical economics, data analysis, econometric theory, econometric applications, and a project work. 

The tentative structure of the course is formulated with an emphasis on understanding the basics of economic theory and quantitative techniques of the analysis of economic data in the first year of the programme.   The emphasis shifts to practical analysis of economic data through a study of the computer/software packages involved in data analysis in the second year. The end-semester project facilitates the students to apply statistical and econometric tools to empirically test economic theory. 

Programme Outcomes:

The learners are expected to demonstrate the following:




Today Econometric and statistical tools are employed by all disciplines including engineering, medicine and the natural and physical sciences. It offers great employment potential in a data driven world. The course aims to fill the gap in the supply of trained data analysts in South India. The annual intake is 15.

Kindly refer the syllabus for more details.