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The duration of a B A programme shall be of six semesters distributed for three academic years. The odd semesters (1, 3, and 5) shall be from June to October and the even semesters (2, 4, and 6) shall be from November to March. Total intake of students at Under Graduate level is sixty-five. The B A programme shall include five types of courses, viz; Common Courses (Code A), Core courses (Code B), Complementary courses (Code C), Open Course (Code D) and Audit Courses (Code E). The number of Core Courses offered to the students of History is fifteen, including a Project Work, which the student undertakes in the last semester. The Open Course offered by the department is HISTORICAL TOURISM (HIS5D01) and the Elective Course in the sixth semester is HISTORY OF ARCHAEOLOGY IN INDIA (HIS6 B16). Compulsory study tour to destinations of architectural, archaeological, historical and cultural importance is to be conducted either in 5 th or in 6 th semesters. The students should submit the tour report as assignment and present seminar papers based on the historical importance of places visited during a study tour in the sixth semester. These should be considered as the Assignment and Seminar components of the internal assessment for the Indian Heritage and Plurality of Cultures (HIS6