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Chapel Committee: The Chapel functions from 9 – 9.15 am daily and members of the Staff and retired staff and students take turns to lead the prayer. The prayer song is then sung at 9.15 am before college starts at 9.30 am.


Office Bearers Navy (Men): Mr. Danie C. Mathews Army (Women): Lt. Elsy Shereena
The Aims & Objectives

1. To help develop character, commandership, the ideal of service and capacity for in young men and women of the country.

2. To provide service training to young men and women so as to stimulate interest in the defence of the country.

3. To build up a reserve of potential manpower to enable the armed forces to expand national emergency.

The College provides one platoon in the Army wing girls Division with 50 cadets & Naval wing with 50 Male Cadets of authorised strength. Enrollment is open to volunteers from I & II year UG Classes, Special incentive benefits are granted by the University and Government in the form of bonus marks and credits to cadets in the matter of selection to course of study -professional and non-professional. The Scheme of award of permanent Commission in the army through ‘C’certificate entry into the Indian Military Academy. Dehra Dun’ has been revised with effect from 1973. Once enrolled, cadets are expected to abide scrupulously by the regulations of the National Cadets Corps. Defaulters will be liable to an action for breach of college discipline. Student with a creditable record of attendance and achievement in the N.C.C. are preferred in admission to the Degree Classes.



To provide opportunities for the involvement of students in community work at various levels. The College has two N.S.S. units. Each Unit has one hundred volunteers under the charge of a programme officer.

Programme Officers: Dr. Dhanaraj P. V ,  Ms. Saigeetha S

Aims and Objectives

1. Development of the personality of students through community service.

2. To work with and among people.

3. To enhance creative and constructive social action.

4. To enhance knowledge of self and the community through a confrontation with reality.

5. To enable them to understand the growing up process and related youth health concerns; like smoking, alcoholism, substance abuse, sexually transmitted diseases etc.

6. To gain skills in programme development self-employment.

7. To gain skills in the exercise of democratic leadership and about the dynamics of marriage and family as a social institution.

8. To bridge the gulf between the educated and the uneducated masses.

9. To promote the will to serve the weaker sections of the community. Enrollment is open to all students of BA/BSc, B.Com Classes. An N.S.S. volunteer must complete 240 hours of regular social service and attend special camp programmes within a period of two years, he/she is then to be issued an N.S.S. Certificate by the University. This certificate holder will get the weightage marks in their future course of studies.


There is an active Unit of Women Empowerment Cell in the college giving support to girls.

Co-ordinators: Dr. Elsamma Jacob


This club enables students to understand the value of social services especially that of donating their blood to the needy.

Convenor: Mr. Rajesh Babu


This unit monitors and manages programmes to uplift the different minority sections in the college. It is funded by UGC.

SC/ST Pool Co-ordinators: Mr. Prasoon V.S.


It was started in 1988 and is one of the oldest clubs in the College. It organizes and conducts programmes, which are oriented towards the development and progress of Malayalam Language, culture and art.

Convenor: Dr. Sreejit G.


Was formed in the year 2000, Its main objectives is to familiarize the students with activities connected with journalism and the media. The Odyssey 2000-largest wall magazine is the brain-child of the journalism club.

Convenor: Mr. Vasisht M.C.


It was established on Dec. 8th 2000. Its main purpose is to help needy students. It organizes Charitable funds, a Book Bank, Counseling and Career Guidance cells in this connection.

Convenor: Ms. Meera Juliet


It is a branch of the Dept. of Zoology and was started in 2002. Its main agenda is to cultivate a love for nature in the minds of the students. Therefore, it is a club started to protect and promote nature and its environment. It conducted nature camps and imparts education about nature and the environment. The Dept. of Zoology has also established a butterfly park in the campus as a part of its nature campaign. Nature activities of the Dept. of Botany have contributed much to the Nature club by creating a botanical and herbal garden in the campus.

Convenor: Dr. Sachin P. James


It was established in April 2003. The Club was set up to create awareness about films, both national and international among the student community. It screens famous films for the benefit of the students.

Convenor: Mr. Vasisht M.C.


It is a part of the Physics Department and the main objective of the club is to create an interest among the students for Astronomy.

Convenor: Mr. Sreejith P.


A branch of the Dept. of English, The Radio Club was formed in 2003 to promote the writing and listening skills of the students. The members regularly participate in radio programmes.

Convenor: Mr. Danie C. Mathews


It is an environment-friendly club started with the purpose of spreading awareness against polybags within and outside the campus. The members of this club make paper bags on a regular basis and distribute it to create awareness. They also hold awareness camps about the dangers of using poly bags in other schools and colleges and thereby work towards a clean and safe environment. The club also promotes self-employment as paper bag units can be set up by these students privately too. The Club also organises students for Soap making, Candle Making and Plate Making.

Convenor: Dr. Akhil R. Krishnan


The club develops entrepreneurial skills in students where students from all departments are members and can develop their skills.

Convenor: Mr. Biju Mathew


This stands to foster interest in drama and theatre. It is a venture, which includes all the colleges and few schools in the city of Calicut.

Co-ordinator: Ms. Anuradha P. R.


It seeks to inculcate true values and ethics in the students in order to enable them to become good citizens of tomorrow.

Convenor : Mr. Anup Antony


It is a forum which started functioning in the College way back in the 1970’s and was revived in June 2002. Its main objective is to stimulate an interest in the Sciences amongst the students. It organizes seminars, Quizzes and discussions with this ‘objective in view. The members of the Science Forum are budding scientists who appreciate and enjoy science, its inventions and its stupendous advancement.

Convenor: Dr. Sheeba P.S.


The College Union aims to co-ordinate the various students’ related activities in the college, to conduct collegiate and inter-collegiate debates and to arrange invited lectures. The Principal will be ex-officio President of the College Union and the Vice President will be a member of the staff nominated by the Principal as the advisor. Union meetings will be presided by the Chairperson of the student union. There will be a Vice-Chairperson, General Secretary, Joint Secretary, two University Union Councillors, student Editor, General Captain and Fine Arts Secretary. All the students of the College will be members of the college union. All the departments will have a student association, which is affiliated to the College Union. The aim of the association is to cultivate interests and inculcate subject knowledge in the concerned subjects.


Quiz Club organizes quizzing events in and out of college in connection with various important days.  The club also provides a platform for the students’ to develop their content in current affairs and various other topics.

Convenor: Dr. Sheeba P. S.


Mathematics Drop-in Centre, a place for students with any questions related to Mathematics. It is a low-stakes, low-pressure place for anyone to get help with any kind of Mathematics from tutors who are students of our department, they trained in Mathematics and pedagogy and who know how to avoid pitfalls of stereotype threat and confirmation bias. Peer tutors will be available in the Centre during daytime and evening hours. The club extends help in all the Mathematics courses (core and complementary) and the Mathematics topics of exams like the Bank, PSC, SSC, and UPSC. The club also provides an Add-on course on Numerical Skills, the detailed syllabus available on our website.

Convenor: Dr. Shyama M P


The College offers the following

1. Foot Ball

2. Volleyball

3. Soft Ball

4. Badminton

5. Cricket (Men & Women)

6. Hand Ball

7. Tennis

8. Athletics

9. Basket Ball

The Activities are guided by the Kerala sports council consisting of all captains and Vice Captains and members of staff nominated by the Principal. The physical directors are the ex-officio secretaries of the Council.

Convenor: Mr. Haridasan K.


Dr. Godwin Samraj D.P. (President)

Mr. K. Haridasan (Secretary)

Mr. Sabu (Vice President)

Executive Committee

Mr. Shajin Jacob

Mr. Sasidharan N.

Ms. Rajeshwari P.V.

Dr. Prajila

Dr. Anup Antony

PTA Membership is compulsory for all the parents of the students of the college. The PTA Executive meets regularly for the planning and implementation of all matters pertaining to the physical mental and moral welfare of the students.