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chairman“l instruct you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths” [Prov4:11],

My heart is filled with ioy and full of praise to God when looking generations back, how they lived in a condition devout of any education. It is the creator who sent the disciples of Jesus to our land. Missionaries from Basel Mission, apart from their evangelization, focused their attention on the comprehensive goodness of their fellow beings. They evaluated the significance of education; “Education without discrimination” was their motto. Their concern was the holistic development of people aimed at equipping them with leadership skills to enable them to deal with life’s challenges and to use their God given capacities to become principled individuals qualified for any position of life. Hence their initiatives in the field of education for the Keralites paved way for the establishment of various Schools and Colleges in Malabar area. Thus the Malabar christian college, the most prestigious institution in higher education of this region came into being as a gift of God to us. They had commitment to a cause. A cause as we read in Proverb 4:11 in the Bible; they involved themselves in the cause of education to enlighten the multitudes with rays of knowledge.

I am delighted that the Malabar Christian College has been successfully sowing the seeds of revolution in education and providing trained and talented students to meet the demand of such personnel in the country and abroad. It has achieved a remarkable progress in the fulfillment of its dream. I appreciate the Principal, the Manager and staff for their dedicated and sincere effort in launching the college website. I am sure that the Malabar Christian College through innovative technology will scale new heights and become country’s model Institution.

I wish all the best.

Rt. Rev. Dr Royce M. Victor, Ph.D.
Bishop in CSI Diocese of Malabar