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About the Department The Department of Zoology promotes discovery and learning at all levels of biological organization (molecular, cellular, organismal, population, community, and ecosystem). Our integrative focus reflects the importance of strong disciplinary and
interdisciplinary approaches in research and teaching. We strive for excellence and synergy in our coordinated programs of teaching, research, and service. Recognizing the essential roles of science and biology in the lives of citizens today and tomorrow, we emphasize biological literacy in our teaching and outreach programs. P.G. & Research Department of Zoology is one of the oldest departments which have made outstanding strides in both teaching and research activities for the past 62 years. It was established in the year of 1957, upgraded to P.G in the year of 1965 and the department was then become a research department during 1974. The Department was recognized as DST-FIST funded Department in 2014. At present we are proud to have well established laboratories for molecular biology and microbiology along with a well-equipped modernized laboratory for insect taxonomy and acarology. Department has successfully completed three major projects and five minor projects from different funding agencies and has successfully produced 9 Ph. D’s so far of which six Ph. D’s were
during the last five years. Presently there is one major research project funded by DST is running in the department and eight full-time students have registered for their Ph. D. under the guide ship of research guides of the Department. Out of the total students passed out in last 5 batches (5 years) 20 % of students secured CSIR-JRF/NET (Ten students secured CSIR-JRF and three students scored CSIR-NET).
Programmes Undergraduate Programme: It is a three year (six semester) programme, minimum eligibility for which is an intermediate (10+2) in science. The annual intake is 36 students. A student is required to acquire a minimum of 140 credits for passing the degree programme, of which 120 credits are to be acquired from class room study. These are audit courses and ability enhancement courses, which are mandatory for a programme but not counted for the calculation of SGPA or CGPA. The first 4 semesters the students will have english and a second language of their choice for study, last two semesters with the core courses only. The two complementary cousers offered in the college are botany and chemistry. The core course will have a project in the last semester.
B.Sc. Zoology Programme is aimed to prepare the students for lifelong learning by drawing attention to the vast world of knowledge of animals and introducing them to the methodology of systematic academic enquiry. It is aimed to study different ecological sites for animals in their natural habitats by field study and to give awareness about natural resources and the importance in sustainable development.Post graduate Programme: It is a two year (four semester) programme, minimum eligibility for which is bachelor’s degree in zoology with 50% marks and above. The annual intake is 12 students. Total credit for the programme shall be 80. The students will have to complete a project work in the final semester. The master’s programme is specialized in entomology. The specialization in entomology helps the students in building capacity in general, agricultural, forensic and medical entomology.Research Programme: The department offers PhD programme in systematic and ecological entomology, acarology, Insect chemical ecology  and insect biochemistry and physiology. There are two research supervisors at present.
Faculty Members
  1. Sachin P. James  (Assistant Professor and Head)
  2. Santhosh Shreevihar  ( Assistant Professor)
  3. Tanuja David   (Assistant Professor)
  4. Dr Kiran S Kumar (Ad.Hoc)



Sl. No. Title Year Regional/National/International
1. Erudite Lecture on Forest Entomology 2018 International
2. Identification of Bees Wasps Bugs and Beetles of Southern Western Ghats 2015 National


Former Faculty Members
  1. Dr. A.B. Soans
  2. Prof. L.C Hunt
  3. Prof. VMN Namboodiripad
  4. Dr. (Mrs.) V.I Hunt
  5. Dr. Clement Adolph
  6. Prof. M. Sivasankaran
  7. Prof. Lancelot E. Thomas MA. M.Sc.
  8. P.V.Kishore
  9. Thachapully Asokan Ligi, MSc, M.Phil
  10. Dr. Sreenivasan Irene Usha, M.Sc, B.Ed, Ph.D
  11. Geetha Migael , MSc
  12. Dr. Rosy PA, M.Sc, Ph.D
  13. Dr. Mary Anithalatha S. M.Sc, M.Ed, PhD
  14. Dr. Lambert Kishore, M.Sc, M.Sc (Psychology), PGDHA, B.Ed, PhD
  15. Ranjini K.R.  (Associate Professor)
  16. Mohammed Rafeeq A.P.M. (Associate Professor)