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About the Department When the college was upgraded in 1956-57 Hindi was included as a second language. Sri Bhim Rao was appointed as the first faculty member in the department. UGC sanctioned an ADD on course in functional Hindi in 2007. Two courses were conducted, a certificate course in functional Hindi and a diploma course in functional Hindi. In 2006 faculty member Dr Sunny N.M got the Kerala State Indira Gandhi Award for best NSS programme officer. In 2008 department published a book –‘HINDI KAHANI KESOU VARSH’. In 2009 , in connection with the centenary celebration of the college, department conducted a national seminar on ‘SAMAKALIEN HINDI KAVITHA KI NAYI PRAVRUTHIYAM’. Eminent Hindi writer Jitendra Bhatiya was the chief guest. In 2011 department launched a Hindi Malayalam bilingual blog and conducted a Hindi Malayalam computing course.
In 2012 UGC sanctioned two UGC Minor projects to Dr Anna Salley E.M and Dr Sunny N.M.In 2013 Dr Sunny NM was awarded ‘Vishwa Hindi Sevi Samman’. Three handwritten magazines were published by the Hindi students in 2012, 2014 and 2017.Dr Sunny N.M translated and published periodically ‘Peeli Chathri Vali Ladkki’written by Udayprakash in leading Malayalam Journal Deshabhimani in 2010.Five books were
published by Dr Sunny N.M and one MPhil degree was awarded under his guidance in Dekshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha Chennai. Three international papers were presented by the faculty members in
Bangkok and Kaulalambur. Both faculty members participated in two World Hindi Conferences in Bhopal and Mauritius.Famous Hindi authors-Gyanendrapathi Nirmala Patul, Alphana Misra, Udayaprakash and Sharankumar Limbalae were visited and interacted with the students in different years.
Faculty Members


Title Year Regional/National
Premchand and Hindi Sahithya 2019 Regional
Hindi Sahithya mein democracy 2018 Regional
Premchand jayanthi Seminar 2018 Regional
Samakalien HINDI KATHA Sahithya ki nayi pravritiyam 2009 National


Former Faculty Members
  1. Sri Bhim Rao
  2. Sri P S Chidambaram
  3. C K Karunakaran
  4. H W Peter
  5. V K Ravindranath
  6. V D Krishnan Nambiar
  7. Dr P K Radhamani
  8. Dr Sunny N M
  9. Dr.Anna Salley E M