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Ms. Saigeetha S (M.A)

Assistant Professor




Saigeetha S completed her Post Graduation in English Literature from the University of Mysore, Karnataka. She joined the Department of English, Malabar Christian College as Assistant Professor in December 2017.
She was a part of the Many Teachers Many Students concept pioneered by Dr.M.E. Premanand at Govt. Law College, Calicut and also has done podcasts for www.englishskillsone.com App. She has served as Resource Person for workshops on Communication Skills in English.

Important Publications

  1. Saigeetha S, 2017. Augmented Reality as an aid to Augment Interactivity. Faces of the Media. ISBN 978-93-5137-852-2
  2. Saigeetha S, 2016. Novel into films: A study on adaptation. Verbal to Visual: The Aesthetic Semiotics of Classics as Movies. ISBN 978-93-80095-76-9
  3. Saigeetha S, 2015. Singularity Within Plurality: Writing the History of Belongingness in the global context. Malabar Research Manual. Vol 3,No.2, October 2015. ISSN 2320-947X
  4. Saigeetha S, 2013. Enhanced learning in the classroom using Viral Videos ELTIF. Vol V.2. April 2014. 14- 17. ELTIF, Mahe, ISSN 2230-77
  5. Saigeetha S, 2013. Improving Comprehension and Reading Skills in Classrooms using English Newspapers. International Conference on English Language Teaching. ISBN 978 – 81-920171-6-7

Books/Book Chapters

  1. Enhance Your English, Essential Grammar for All. ISBN 978-81-920171-8-1
  2. Nuts and Bolts of English, Easy Practice Sheets to Improve Communication Skills. ISBN 978- 81-920-1713-6