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Mr. Sreejith P (M.Sc, B.Ed)

Assistant Professor


+91 9847047587


Sreejith P. doing his research work at Solid State Physics Laboratory, Department of Physics, CUSAT, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. B. Pradeep.He completed M.Sc. Physics, B.Ed. Physical Science and qualified CSIR-UGC–NET and S.E.T.His research area includes the preparation and characterization of compound semiconducting thin films. Reactive evaporation which is a variant of Gunther’s three temperature method is employing as the deposition technique. Structural, morphological, interfacial, optical and electrical characterizations are studying. To explore the suitability of the prepared thin films to the applications such as light emitting diodes, thin film transistors, photovoltaic cells, metal/semiconductor diode sensors, etc.
He is also working in micro-controllers, software-based automation for the research laboratory equipment.He is a web developer and android app developer and maintaining discussion group and e-content platform related to physics.

Consultancy Services

Operation of vacuum coating unit, co-evaporation technique.
Software automation of electronic measurement systems and circuit design.
Cyber security.