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Dr. Robart V. S (Ph.D)

Assistant Professor




Dr. Robart VS completed his Post Graduation from Union Christian College, Aluva. He also has a bachelors degree in Education. He completed his Ph.D. from Dept. of Malayalam & Kerala Studies, University of Calicut in 2019. The Title of thesis ‘The craft of Bible Stories: A study based on the narratives in the New Testament’. He has seven publications to his credit. He is one of the research guides in the Department of Malayalam, Malabar Christian College, Calicut.

Important Publications

  1. BiblevivarthanagalMalayalathil, MALAYALAVIMARSAM., August 2016, ISSN-2349-9230.
  2. BiblekkadhakalileAkyanareethikal, Kavanakaumudhi, August – October 2018  ISSN-2456-2513.
  3. Bible AshayangaludePracharanathilNavamadhyamangaludePanku, December 2018, ISSN-2349-9230.
  4. MalayalathileBibileAshrithaVyavaharangal, Alfomine Vol.6,No.8 December 2019, ISSN 2250 – 3870.
  5. KuttithathinteAvishkaramMohanakrishnanKaladiyudeKavithakalil, Research Scholar, Vol.9, No.1, September 2020, ISSN- 2249-6696