M.A Malayalam


20 Students
Duration: 2 Years (4 Semesters )
Lectures: 8
Certificate of Completion


M.A.(Malayalam)- Stands for Master of Arts in Malayalam. Typically, a M.A.(Malayalam)is a two year course, minimum eligibility for which is a B.A. in Malayalam. Malayalam is one of the major languages of South India. Subjects typically studied under this degree are Poetry, Drama, Fiction, Literary Criticism, Literary History etc.

Basic Eligibility

For admission into master’s degree one must have completed graduation in relevant stream. Usually the duration of the course is two years.

Job Prospects

Different  career options are available for graduates in this field, for instance one can become a teacher, translator or a freelancer as well. For imparting a program in the foreign language, the educational institutions mostly look for experts in this field.

Option for taking private tuitions is also available. There are various types of jobs available for interpreters, such as consecutive interpreter, general interpreter and liaison interpreter.

Translators also work in fields such as scientific literary, technical or business. Freelancing is the new trend in the field of language. Freelancers join research firms, translation bureaus, publishing houses, international organizations, hotel industry, travel and tourism sector etc.

Members of the Faculty

  1. Smt. Beryl Gilbert M.A., B.Ed. Associate Professor (Head Of the Department)
  2. Sri Robart V.S. M.A., B.Ed. Assistant Professor
  3. Dr. Sreejit G. M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor
  4. Sri Anup Antony M.A., B.Ed. Assistant Professor
  5. Sri. Prasoon V.S. M.A., B.Ed. Assistant Professor
  6. Mrs. Meera Juliet M.A., B.Ed.
  7. Dr. Biju Joseph
  8. Ms. Manjusha A (Guest Faculty)

Former Faculty (Since 1930)

  1. Sri Suryan Ezhuthachan (1930-1963)
  2. Prof. R. Ramachandran (1947-1978)
  3. Pro. M.R. Chandrasekharan (1956-1965)
  4. Dr. A. Padmanabhakuruppu (1963-1987)
  5. Prof. K. Gopalakrishnan (1967-1988)
  6. Smt. Geetha Hiranyan (1980-1981)
  7. Dr. C. Karunan (1981-2003)
  8. Sri S.E. James (1981-2003)
  9. Smt. Santhakumari Victoria Gershon (1980-2007)
  10. Sri P.C. Thomas (1981-2006)
  11. Sri T.M. Ravindran (1981-2009)
  12. Dr. K.V. Thomas M.A., Ph.D.
  13. Dr. Suja S. M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., B.Ed.


Credit & Semester System 2010 (CUCSS PG)

University of Calicut Credit & Semester System 2010 (CUCSS PG) Syllabus & Scheme of Examination M.A.Malayalam Language and Literature

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