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Dr. Nishitha Pankan (Ph.D)

Assistant Professor (On Contract)



A person with a dedicated and enthusiastic attitude, with interest in Pubic Economics, Econometrics, Micro Economics and Macro Economics. Main research interests include e-governance, public policy, development economics, decentralized planning and local governance. Has completed Ph.D. from the Department of Applied Economics, Kannur University, with U.G.C.-J.R.F. and P.G. from the Nirmalagiri College, with first rank. Currently employed as Assistant Professor (on contract), Department of Economics, Malabar Christian College, Calicut, Kerala (University of Calicut). Has published papers in international peer reviewed journals and has presented research papers in national and international conferences.

Important Publications

  1. Public Service Delivery System and E-Governance Projects in India: An Overview, IJARS International Journal of Economics and Commerce, 2(2), 2016, p 1-13
  2. E-Governance and Right to Information Act: Kerala Experience, International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research, 3(4), March 2016 ,p.144-156
  3. E-governance and inclusive growth: Strategy and policy options International Research Journal of Management Sociology & Humanities, 6(11), p.107-115 ,2015
  4. Gender equality and women empowerment through e-governance: Case study of Akshaya e-centres of Kannur district, International Journal of Applied Research, 2(4), p.739-743,2016
  5. Service Delivery and Consumer Perception of Akshaya e-centres: Kerala Perspectives International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research 9(1),2017 p.23-3

Book Chapters

  1. Women empowerment and ICT: A case study of e-governance project of Kerala Dinesha.P.T, Skill India development development:Emerging debates, Women empowerment and ICT: A case study of e-governance project of Kerala, Centre for study of social exclusion and inclusive policy, University of Mysore p-99-107
  2. E-Governance: An Engine of Economic Growth and its Emerging Trends, Opportunities and Challenges Proceedings of International Conference on Global Economic Growth and Sustainability : Challenges and Prospects -November 20-21 , Mysuru, India, 2015
  3. Technology and innovation in banking industry: A study on customers satisfaction towards e-banking services, Proceedings of UGC Sponsored National seminar on Bank financing of industries and foreign trade, Department of Economics, Malabar Christian College, Calicut, Kerala,
    p.247-268, March 2017