Postal Address:

“ Sruthi”,  Kohinur,  Calicut University P.O,




About Dr. Biju Joseph

Name                                               :  Dr. Biju Joseph

Designation                                     : Assistant Professor

Address                                            : “ Sruthi”,  Kohinur,
Calicut University P.O,

PIN                                                     :  673635

District                                              :  Malappuram

Blood Group                                    :  B+ve

Date of Joining                                : 19-02-2014

Educational Qualifications            :  M A, B Ed, M Phil, Ph D

Research Guide ship Order No     :  U. O. No. 673/2015/Admn
(Dated 21-01-2015)

Gender                                              : Male

  1. Article on “Padyavum Thalavum” in Kavana Kaumudi, Aug-Oct 2011, Vol.xiv Issue 1.
  2.  Article on “Malayalakavithayile Vruthavum Thalavum Oru Charithravalokanam”  in Research Scholar, Refereed Inter disciplinary Research Journal (ISSN 2249-6696)
  3.  Article on “Papasankalpam Aayusinte Pusthakathil” in Kalaabhaasha the Art Journal.
  4.  Article on “Bimbasannivesam Aadinika Malayalakavithayil” in Vidhyarangam Monthly, published by Poduvidyabhyasa Vakuppu, Government of  Kerala
  5.  Research paper titled “Padavinyasavum Bhavavum Malayakavithayil” in Research Lines (ISSN 0975-8941)
  6. Article on “Nadodi Parambryaswaadeenam Aadunika Malayalakavithayil” in Research Scholar, Refereed Inter disciplinary Research Journal (ISSN 2249-6696)
  7. Article on “Puthu Kavitha Khadanayude Vazhikal” in Research Lines (ISSN 0975-8941)
  8. Article on “Margamkali Charithravum Samskaaravum”  in Research Scholar, Refereed Inter disciplinary Research Journal  (ISSN 2249-6696)
  1. Participated and Presented a paper entitled “ Puthu Kavitha Saththayum Aakhyaanavum”  in the two day  national seminar  sponsored by Collegiate Education Govt. Of Kerala, at Govt. College Chittur.   (15 – 16 December 2015)
  2. Presented a paper entitled “Indian Aesthetics: Contemporary Readings” in the National Seminar held on 30th September and 1st October 2015 at Devamatha College Kuravilangad.
  3. Participated and chaired a session in the three day national seminar on “Language: Identity, Discourse and Resistance” sponsored by Collegiate Education Govt. Of Kerala, at S N G S College Pattambi.  (9 – 11 December 2014)
  4. Participated and chaired a session in the three day national seminar on Bhashasastram: Jnanaparavum Reethisastraparavumaya Anweshanagal, sponsored by Collegiate Education Govt. Of Kerala, at Govt. Arts and Science College Kozhikode  (5-7 November 2014)
  5. Participated and chaired a session in the four day national Seminar on Adivasi – Dalit Language and Literature, sponsored by the UGC (19–22 March 2013)  at University of Calicut.
  6. Presented a paper titled “New Social and Literary Ideologies”  in the two day workshop named “New Thoughts and New Interventions” organized by Equal Opportunity Cell, University of Calicut (4, 5 March2013)
  7. Acted as a resource person in the one day workshop for women writers held on 27.02.2013 at Senate Hall, University of Calicut
  8. Presented a paper entitled “ Prasadakante  Maranam” in the National Seminar held on 6th, 7th, 8th March2012 at T. M. Govt. College, Tirur.
  9. Presented a paper  in the “National Seminar on History of Literary Discourse in Malayalam” conducted by  The Department of  Malayalam, Sree Neelakantha Govt. Sanskrit College, Pattambi, Kerala on 16th and 17th February 2012.
  10. Presented a paper entitled “Margamkali : Charithravum Samskaravum” in the National Seminar held on 10th, 11th, and 12th January 2012 at Govt. college, Malappuram
  11. Presented a paper entitled  “Puthukavitha: Khadanayude Vazhikal” in thethree day  National Seminar held on 2nd – 4th Nov. 2011, sponsored by the UGC, on Aadunikaananthara Malayalakavitha at T.M. Govt College, Tirur
  12. Presented a paper entitled “Veedu, Dhambathyam Eakakitha Vailippilliyude Charithra paadangal” in the three day National Seminar held on 1–3 November 2012 at Govt. Arts and Science College, Kozhikode
  1.  Bhashacharithravum Vyakaranavum  ISBN: 978-3-9503639-4-4 Year Published:2013
  2. Bhashasasthram ISBN: 978-3-9503639-1-3 Year Published:2014
  3. Vruthasasthram ISBN: 978-3-9503639-8-2 Year Published:2014
  • Kerala culture
    study material for UG Course (BA Malayalam III rd Semester,SDE University of Calicut)
  • Kadhasaahithyam
    study material for UG course (BA Malayalam II nd Semester, SDE University of Calicut
  • Bhashasasthravum Bhashacharithravum
     study material for UG course (BA Malayalam IVth Semester, SDE University of Calicut)
  • Sahithyavum Samskaaravum
    study material for UG course BA/BSc Malayalam, SDE Kanur University

LIST OF VARIFIED STUDY MATERIAL(As a Subject Consultant, at SDE Kannur University)

  • Sahithyavum Samskaaravum
     (SDE-1A-04 MAL – BA, BSc. Common Course)
  • Madhyakala Saahithyam
      (SDE-2A-05 MAL – BA, BSc.  Common Course)
  • Sahithyasamskaara Padanangal
     (SDE-1A-04 -1 MAL – BCom, BBA, BBM Common Course)
  • Malayalasaahithyaganangal
     (SDE-1A04 -2 MAL -BSW, BCA Common Course)
  • Kavitha Aadhunikam Aadhunikaanantharam
     (SDE-1B -01 MAL)
  • Cherukadhayum Novalum
      (SDE-1B -02 MAL)
  • Paristhithi- Dalit- Sthreevaadham
       (SDE-1B -03 MAL)
  • Malayalam Rachana- Vivarthanam- Thirakadha- Noval   (SDE-2A -06MAL)
  • Kerala Culture
     (SDE-2B -04 MAL)
  • malayalavimarsanam
      (SDE-2B -05 MAL)
  • Sahithyasidhaanthangal
      (SDE-2B -06 MAL)
  • Madhyakala Kavitha
      (SDE-3B -07 MAL)