M.Sc Zoology


10 Students
Duration: 3 Years
Lectures: 6
Certificate of Completion


M.Sc. Zoology – Stands for Master of Science in Zoology. An M.Sc. is a two year postgraduate degree, eligibility for which is an undergraduate degree in the stream of science. Zoology is the branch of Biology that scientifically studies the structure, function, behavior, and evolution of animals. Subjects usually studied under this degree are Structure & Functions of Invertebrates, Quantitative Biology, Bioinformatics, Molecular Cell Biology, Genetics, Animal Physiology, Biomolecules, Structural Biology, Environmental Physiology, Biosystematics, Taxonomy & Evolution, Genes & Differentiation, Animal Behaviour, Endocrinology etc.

Basic Eligibility

For admission in to master’s degree one should have completed their bachelor’s degree in zoology with 50% marks and above. The duration for this program is of 2 years.

Job Prospects

Numerous career opportunities are available for the students in zoology due to the need of preservation and management of the wild life in the country.  A student can find a career in zoology across the world and some includes traveling. Few television channels such as National Geographic, Animal Planet and discovery channel offer various opportunities for documentary film making and other specialists.

Few places where a zoology student can be hired are wild life, national parks, botanical gardens, zoos, laboratories, aquariums, animal clinics, fisheries and aquaculture, museums, research, pharmaceutical Companies, veterinary hospitals etc.

Members of the Faculty

  1. Dr. Mary Anithalata S. M.Sc, M.Ed, PhD – Head of the Department
  2. Dr. Lambert Kishore, M.Sc, M.Sc (Psychology), PGDHA, B.Ed, PhD
  3. Dr. Ranjini K.R, M.Sc, M. Phil, Ph.D
  4. Dr. Sachin James, M.Sc, Ph.D
  5. Dr. Santhosh S, M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D.
  6. Dr. Tanuja David

Former Faculty

  1. Dr. A.B. Soans (1957-90):
  2. Prof. L.C Hunt:
  3. Prof. VMN Namboodiripad
  4. Dr. (Mrs.) V.I Hunt:
  5. Dr. Clement Adolph:
  6. Prof. M. Sivasankaran
  7. Prof. Lancelot E. Thomas MA. M.Sc.
  8. P.V.Kishore
  9. Thachapully Asokan Ligi, MSc, M.Phil
  10. Dr. Sreenivasan Irene Usha, M.Sc, B.Ed, Ph.D
  11. Geetha Migael , MSc
  12. Dr. Rosy PA, M.Sc, Ph.D
  13. Mohammed Rafeeque APM, M.Sc, M.Phil

Extension Activities

We have close association with the local govt. organization and institutes, state run as well as central.

State Central
 Dept of Agriculture, Kerala  CPCRI                        
 Dept of Forests, Kerala  CMFRI
 KFRI, Nilambur  Institute of Spices Research
 CWRDM, Calicut  Filaria Centre, Calicut
 Agricultural University  Zological Survey of India Ambalavayal Station
 FCI Calicut.