Minor Projects


  • Rema.V.T (Dept. Of Chemistry)
    1659-MRP/14- 15/KLCA043/UGC-SWRO dated 4 th February 2015 entitled “ DesignSysthesis Characterisation and Application of metal Chelates of Some Novel Schiff basesDerived from Barbituric Acid and Indane 1,3-Dione” Rs. 400000. (ongoing)






  • Dr.Sachin P James. (Dept. Of Zoology)
    F.MRP/12 th Plan/14-15/KLCA043 dated 4 th February 2015 titled Biosystematic study of theAcarine Fauna of the Stored Products with Special reference to Predatory Mites (FamilyCheyletide) Total Outlay 335000.