Courses Offered

  1. M.Sc. Mathematics. Sanctioned Strength – 15
  2. B.Sc Mathematics (Physics and Statistics as complementary subjects). Sanctioned Strength – 48
  3. Mathematics is the compulsory subsidiary for B.Sc Physics and Chemistry.

Course Materials

Maths course materials

Members of the Faculty

  1. Sri. Prajith P.C M.Sc (HOD)
  2. Smt. Sindhu R.S M.Sc, M.Phil
  3. Smt. Shyama MP M.Sc., M.Phil
  4. Ms. Nigihana V.P. (Guest Faculty. Govt.)
  5. Ms. Seffa Ashraf (Guest Faculty)
  6. Mr. Akhil Sunder (Guest Faculty)
  7. Ms. Sreelakshmi A (Guest Faculty)

Former Faculty

  1. Sri. Harihara Iyer, M.A 1956 – 1971
  2. Sri. M.S.Muthu, M.A 1956 – 1992
  3. Sri. P.Mohammed Koya, M.A 1957 – 1995
  4. Sri. C P Narayanan, M.Sc 1957 – 1969
  5. Sri. K.Balakrishnan Nair, M.Sc, B.Ed 1969 – 1994
  6. Sri. K.M.Unnikrishnan, M.Sc 1969 – 1998
  7. Sri. C.P.Karunan, M.Sc 1971 – 1998
  8. Smt. Mary Thomas M.Sc, M.Ed

Rank Holders


  1. Kumarankutty 1958 – I Rank
  2. Nandakumar 1979 – I Rank
  3. Manjula Narayanan 1980 – II Rank
  4. Raihana C K – 1980 – III Rank
  5. Muraleedharan V K 1986 III Rank
  6. Prajith P C 1989 – I Rank
  7. Shikhi M – 2000 – II Rank
  8. Deepa S 2003 II rank

Pre Degree

  1. Dharma Tejas 1979 – I Rank
  2. Chandrasekharan Sudarsan 1980- I Rank
  3. Sudha R 1986 – I Rank
  4. Vipin Gopal 1988 – II Rank
  5. Deepa S Prabhu 1997 – I Rank
  6. Amulya Nirmal 1999 I Rank

NET/SET Holders

  1. Prajith P C 1989
  2. Sreejith P – 1996
  3. Sanjay M B – 1997
  4. Suchintha Haris – 1998
  5. Shikhi M – 2000
  6. Seenath K C – 2000
  7. Akhilesh – 2006
  8. Sruthi – 2007


Sindhu R S has successfully completed a minor project on software development aided by U G C during 2005 – 07


  1. Jyothish O, batch 2006 has been selected as the best N S S volunteer by the Govt of Kerala in 2006
  2. Bennet Oswald (batch 2010) got 3rd prize in western song (Solo) in All India intercollegiate arts festival held at Haryana in 2010


1. The Golden Jubilee of the department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics celebrated the golden Jubilee in 2006 -07. The Mayor, Corporation of Calicut inaugurated the celebrations on 6.10.2006.Variour programmes were conducted.

  • On 6.10.2006, We conducted a class on “Counting Numbers “ by Dr . K.M.
  • Sankaranarayanan,H O D, Jyothi Engineering Collge, Trichur. In the afternoon session there was a talk on “ Precision farming & Water Management “ by Dr Mary Regina F , Senior Scientist, Kerala Agraculture University , Trichur,
  • On 15.10.2006 Dr K Kumaran kutty , Professor & Head ( Retd), University of Calicut , who was a first batch student of the department and a rank holder , took a class on Probability.
  • On 10.11.2006 Dr P M Mathew , Professor St Joseph’s college, Calicut took a class on “Basic concepts in Mathematics”.
  • On 27.11.06, Mr Sathish, Lecturer, department of Computer Science, University of Calicut conducted a lecture on C programming . Since it was a new topic at degree level , students from different colleges attended the class. Through his simple language and interactions with the students he made the session really interesting
  • On 12.1.2007 , Inter collegiate Quiz competition was conducted. Dr Sudheer , Dept of Mathematics, Farook college, Calicut was the quiz master. 11 teams from various colleges participated in the programme. Cash prizes were given to the winners.
  • On 14.2.2007 Prof .V.I.Ninan, a former Professor of the department took a class on Statistics.
  • Evan at the age of 77 , his passion for the subject was appreciated by teachers,old students and students of the college. By the request of the audience he continued the class till 4 pm and then took class on the next day also.
  • The valedictory function was conducted on 16.2.2007 in which retired professors and old students were participated. It was a journey through memory lanes for all of them. The programme ended with a grand feast

2. Counselling session & Career Guidance on 26.9.2007

We conducted a Counselling session & Career Guidance class by Prof T Sivadas, Former Deputy Chief , Guidance centre, University of Calicut on 26.09.2007

3. Lecture on Non linear Geometry on 12.2. 2008

On 12.2.2008 Prof C P Muhammed, Govt Arts & Science college, Calicut, who was also a former student of the department , spoke on Non Linear Geometry, a topic which was not included in degree syllabus.

4. Motivation session for I B Sc students on 25.7.2008

On 25.7.2009, department of mathematics conducted a programme to motivate the first year Mathematics students. Dr T N Vijayakumar , H .O.D, dept of Zoology , N S S college, Manjeri was the chief guest.He interacted with the students on various issues of students

5. Regional seminar on Graph theory & Discrete mathematics on 12.10.2009.

Dr Sunil Mathew of Department of Mathematics , Govt Brennen College, Thalassery spoke on Graph Theory . He explained its applications in different fields of everyday life. Prof Shinoj K M of St.Joseph’s college, Devagiri, Calicut delivered the lecture on Discrete Mathematics. The concept of mathematical logic is discussed in this session. Teachers and students of various colleges around

Calicut attended the seminar.

6. A lecture on “ Introduction to Computers” on 4.12.2009

On 4.12.2009 we conducted a lecture for the second semester B Sc degree students. Dr K N Sreekanthan, H O D , Department of Physics, N S S college, Manjeri took a class on “ Introduction to


7. One day workshop for college teachers on “Innovative practices in U G teaching” on 27.11.2010

In association with the Board of Studies , Mathematics( U.G) , University of Calicut, we organized a one day workshop on innovative practices in U.G teaching. 20 teachers from various colleges attended the workshop. Prof P Ramesan( Chairman, Board of Studies) was the moderator.

8. One day workshop on Python programming on 6.3.2010

A one day workshop for college teachers was conducted by the department on Python programming on 6.3.2010. Dr Sreekumar, Dept of Physics, St Joseph’s college, Devagiri led the session. Practical session was conducted to familiarise the python programme.

9. One day workshop on Python programming on 6.3.2010

A one day workshop for college teachers was conducted by the department on Python programming on 6.3.2010. Dr Sreekumar, Dept of Physics, St Joseph’s college, Devagiri led the session. Practical session was conducted to familiarise the python programme.

10. A lecture on Calculus on 28.1.2011

A lecture on Calculus was conducted by the department of Mathematics. The speaker was Dr Baby

Chacko of St.Joseph’s college, Calicut.

11. Lecture on “ Game theory”

The department of Mathematics conducted a seminar on Game Theory on 25.2.2011. Dr P Anilkumar, H O D , Dept of Statistics gave a lecture on game theory.