Joseph Daniel

Sri. Joseph S Daniel

Phone: +91 495 276 2227

It is indeed a God-given opportunity to me to be the Manager of this prestigious institution which has shaped many lives irrespective of their background. The Basel Mission missionaries who with their steadfast faith and commitment to spread the good news of gospel came to this part of the world sacrificing all their comforts and lived in our land which was at that time very primitive in all respects and the majority of the people were deprived of education as it was available only to the affluent and the higher castes. The College is at present managed by a Governing Body with our Bishop Rt.Rev.Dr.Royce Manoj Victor as Chairman, who is an educationist and is having wide experience in the field of education.

The Management has chalked out a futuristic plan with “Vision 2020” giving thrust to improve infrastructure facilities as well as the quality of education. I request each and every staff members, students and the alumni to help us in maintaining the rich tradition of this glorious institution and also living up to the expectation of the new generation.