Department of History

Courses Offered

M.A. History. Sanctioned Strength – 20

B.A. History main (Subsidiary: Economics and Political Science). Sanctioned Strength – 60

Add on course

Heritage conservation and tourism development

Members of the Faculty

  1. Mr. Vasisht M.C , MA, M.Phil [Head of the Department]
  2. Ms. Sheela F.Christina MA, M.Phil
  3. Dr. Godwin Samraj .D.P – MA, B.Ed M.Phil, Ph.D
  4. Dr. Shinoy Jesinth MA, Ph.D

Former Faculty

  1. Dr. Y.Yesuratnam .MA.Phd
  2. Prof .MP Sreedharan MA
  3. Prof. S.Surendranath MA
  4. Prof. AP. Sumithran MA
  5. Prof.Chrsithakumar WE Nicholas MA
  6. Prof.Geoffrey Vincent
  7. Smt. T .Jayaseela MA
  8. Dr.KN Ganesh MA M.Phil Phd
  9. Dr.Gopalankutty MA M.Phil Phd
  10. P.T Haridas MA, M.Phil
  11. Shaiju Hendriks K MA, NET, BEd
  12. Dr. C. H. Jayasree MA, Ph.D
  13. Dr. Fredrick Sunil Kumar MA M.Ed M.Phil, Ph.D.
  14. Ms. Beauna MA,B.Ed,M.Phil
  15. Mr. Joseph T.J MA, B.Ed


Archives functioning at the department of History

Rank Holders

 Suchithra Narayanan  First Rank  1982
 Shakeel Muhammed  Third Rank  1982
 Jyothi Menon  First Rank  1983
 Sudha Laxman  First Rank  1984
 Durga Madhavan  Second Rank  1984
 K.P. Devassiya  Third Rank  1984
 Sreenath Gireesh  First Rank  1986
 Venugopal P. Menon  Second Rank  1986
 Neetha Joseph  Third Rank  1986
 K.N. Sheeba  First Rank  1987
 Lalitha A  First Rank  1990
 Lincy  Third Rank  2000
 Kapila R.A  First Rank  2003