Courses Offered

BA Functional English. Sanctioned Strength – 40

From 1998 onwards with a special focus on

  1. Communicative skills
  2. Translation
  3. Media & Informatics
  4. Landmarks in Liiterature
  5. Public Relations
  6. Reading & Writing skills
  7. American Literature
  8. Applied Phonetics
  9. Communicative Grammar
  10. Linguistics
  11. Theatre Studies
  12. Foundations of Aesthetics and Criticism
  13. Creative Writing
  14. Advertising

Members of the Faculty

  1. Dr. Premanand M E M.A, Ph.D (Head of the Department)
  2. Dr. Ninitte Rolence M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D.
  3. Ms Anuradha P R, M.A.
  4. Ms. Roshni Prabhakaran M.A.
  5. Ms. Saigeetha S, M.A.

Highlights of the Department

  • Live on-going theatre.
  • Regular workshops on Media, English Language Teaching, Theatre, Informatics, Translation, Advertising.
  • Talks by academic experts.
  • Shri Jayaprakash Kuloor conducts theatre workshops for the students of the Department.
  • Book Club to inculcate reading habit in the students.

Value Education Forum

Functional English students coach students of General English classes in Communicative English and value based discussions from 3.30 pm to 4.30pm. (Initiated by the language departments) for VALUE EMPOWERMENT OF THE STUDENT COMMUNITY.

Seminars Workshops and Conferences (Reverse chronological order)

  1. UGC sponsored International Conference on Language and Technology 2013-14
  2. Media Workshop 2013-14
  3. Digital Learning Day 2013-14.
  4. Media Workshop in 2012-13
  5. One-day Regional Workshop on “Language Enrichment for Teachers”  in 2012-13
  6. One-day Workshop on Syllabus Design for MA in English Teaching and Literature in 2012-13
  7. Seminar on Montessori Education by Ms. Jisha Pallikkara in 2012-13
  8. Seminar on EDMODO in 2012-13
  9. Digital Learning Day in 2012-13.
  10. Media Workshop in 2011-12
  11. Shakespeare Seminar in the year 2009-10
  12. UGC Sponsored National Conference on Language and Technology in 2010-11

Achievements of the Department

  • Mr. Premanand M.E. bagged the Best Techno Faculty Award instituted by ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu, in 2014, from among a pool of over 2000 teachers.
  • Members of the faculty participates in International/National/Regional Seminars and Conferences and presents papers.
  • University ranks have adorned the academic expertise of the department.
  • Every year students proceed to prestigious universities like EFLU, Hyderabad Central University, Pondicherry University etc, for higher studies.

Radio Club

  • Radio plays, poem recitals are regularly aired by the students of the English Department.
  • Calling the youth on Yuva Vani has seen many of our students participating in campus programmes.
  • The Face behind the voice – a programme was put up wherein the students met Mr. Bobby who is the favorite voice on AIR.

The Indo-Anglian Theatre

Launched by the Hon. Justice R. Basanth during the Sanjayan Centenary celebration in the year 2002, and organized by the Dept of English in collaboration with the Prof. Wilson H. Mackaden Foundation. Indo-Anglian Theatre Fest is conducted annually where all the students of the department participate compulsorily. Students produce their own scripts and stage plays. The theatre pursues the purpose of enhancing the communicative skills of the students as well as developing their personality. The best play of the Department participates in the National Theatre Festival being organized by Christ University Bangalore, and also participates in the University Rts festival.

Former Faculty

  1. Dr. Lorch (Germany) – Principal, MCC
  2.  Rev. Mueller (Germany) – Principal, MCC
  3.  Sri. M.R.Nair( Sanjayan – noted humourist in Malayalam literature)
  4.  Mr.O.V.Vijayan (renowned novelist)
  5.  Sri.Vishnu Narayanan Namboothiri ( noted writer in Malayalam )
  6.  Dr. V.G.M.Pavamani (College was upgraded into a First Grade College-1956)
  7.  Miss Victoria Thaddaeus – HOD- later Mrs Lancelot Thomas (Principal & Manager, MCC)
  8.  Prof. M Krishnankutty – (H.O.D.)
  9.  Mr KC Balachandran – (Lecturer )
  10.  Mr Krishnanmani (Tutor)
  11.  Sri. Solomon Chittiyagam
  12.  Mrs. Radha Padmanaban (writer of children’s stories)
  13.  Prof. Raju George
  14.  Prof. V.J. Abraham
  15.  Prof. W. H. Mackaden ( HOD, Former Prof. and Consultant for Managerial studies at IIMK)
  16.  Prof. T. Ummer (H.O.D)
  17.  Prof. N. Govindan ( HOD)
  18.  Dr. Merlyn Premdas (H.O.D & Principal – MCC)
  19.  Mr. Ashley Paul – M.A, PGDES (CIEFL), M.Phil.
  20.  Mrs. Jayashree K. P – M.A
  21.  Dr. Anitha Y.C. M.A – Ph.D.
  22.  Dr. Leena Thomas – M.A., B.Ed., Ph.D.
  23.  Mrs. Darley Thomas – M.A English Literature
  24.  Prof. Gladys P E Isaac,  Principal – MCC.(2004 – 2013) M.A, B.Ed, Diploma in Journalism
  25.  Dr. Lizzy Manjooran,  M.A, PGDTE(CIEFL) Ph.D.( Applied Linguistics )
  26. Mrs. Pavamani Mary Gladys – M.A, M.Phil, LLB.
  27. Mrs. Vineetha Sophia Gabriel- M.A English