About Malabar Christian College

Malabar Christian College, is the only educational institution in Kozhikode, Kerala which has had the privilege of being visited and blessed by the Father of the Nation – Mahatma Gandhi. In the year 1934, the Mahatma visited this institution to collect money from the students here towards the cause of the freedom struggle, and it is said a hundred rupees was collected by the patriotic students and presented to him in a pouch during a small ceremony which was organized for the occasion. The college has enshrined this visit in the form of the Gandhi Statue which was built in 2010 and which stands at the entrance porch of the college. It was unveiled by Ommen Chandy, the Chief Minister of Kerala.

The College is managed by the newly formed Malabar Diocese and is now under the care and guardianship of Rt. Rev. Dr. Royce  Manoj Victor, Bishop, CSI Diocese of Malabar. The College has always had a good and strong Management Committee and Governing body which has efficiently chartered it the through the different events and happenings of its history and upheld its power and position as an educational institution of great value in this part of Malabar. Malabar Christian College is managed by Mr. Jayapal Samuel Zachiah who is a very able administrator and committed to the upliftment of the college and its community. The College also has a very supportive team of Administrative staff who ensure the smooth functioning of the office and its related activities.

Executive Summary of Malabar Christian College

Criterion I- Curricular aspects

Criterion II -Teaching, learning and evaluation

Criterion III- Research, consultancy and extension

Criterion IV- Infrastructure and learning resources

Criterion V- Student Support and Progression

Criterion VI: Governance and Leadership

Criterion VII: Innovative Practices