To provide opportunities for Involvement of students in community work at various levels. The College has three N.S.S. units. Each Unit has one hundred volunteers under the change of a programme officer.

Programme Officers

  • Dr. Dhanaraj P V (Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics),
  • Ms. Shyama M.P. (Assistant Professor, Dept of Mathematics)

Aims and Objectives

  1. Development of the personality of students through community service.
  2. To work with and among people.
  3. To enhance creative and constructive social action.
  4. To enhance knowledge of self and the community through a confrontation with reality.
  5. To enable them to understand the growing up process and related youth health concerns; like smoking, alcoholism, substance abuse, sexually transmitted diseases etc.
  6. To again skills in programme development self employment.
  7. To gain skills in the exercise of democratic leadership and about the dynamics of marriage and family as a social institution.
  8. To bridge the gulf between the educated and the uneducated masses.
  9. To promote the will to serve the weaker sections of the community.