1. Mr Nalinakshan I.A.S
  2. Adv. M.T. Padma, Former Minister for Fisheries,
  3. Mr. Arangil Sreedharan, Former Central Minister,
  4. Mr.Radhakrishnan, Addl.Dlrector Zoological Survey of India,
  5. Justice R.Basanth, Appointed permanent Judge of High Court of
    Kerala In 2004.
  6. Dr. Venu V. I.A.S., Secretary, Kerala Tourism
  7. Dr.M K Muneer, Former Minister PWD.
  8. Mr. Sree]ith l.P.S. Police Commissioner of Police
  9. Dr. Abhraham G. Thomas ,Former Principal Ludhiana Medical
    College, now Principal of Udupi Medical College, Former Director,
    Pondicherry Institute of Medical Science
  10. Adv.General Ratnasingh
  11. Dr. M. Ramachandran, IAS Secretary, Govt of India
  12. Ms. K. Hema Justice, High Court of Kerala Former Minister
  13. Dr. Prabhakaran Paleri, Coastal Guard inducted into the Hall of Fame of the National Defence University in Washington, 1st awardee for distinguished service
  14. Mr. Jiju Jacob, represented India during the years 1992-1998 in SAF,SAARC, Pre Olymlpics, World Cup, Nehru Cup, Asian Games
  15. Mr. Jayaprakash Kulur, Playwright
  16. Dr. K. Ayyappappanikkar, Poet and critic
  17. Prof. Aattoor Ravivarma, well-known poet
  18. Mr. Mohammed Abdurahiman Saheb, Freedom Fighter
  19. Ms. V. Parukkuttiyamma, Freedom Fighter, Social Activist
  20. Mr. K. Venu, Social Activist and Author
  21. Mr. Kallattu Krishnan, Political Activist
  22. Adv. Vinod Singh Cheriyan, Kerala Bar Council
  23. Dr. John Mathai, Central Minister, Vice Chancellor etc.
  24. Dr. Paul Thaddaeus Henry, Neurosurgeon, Dhaka
  25. Dr. Ali Faisal, leading cardiac surgeon in Calicut
  26. Ms. Ganga, celebrated playback singer
  27. Mr. Abdul Lateef, Deputy Mayor of The Corporation of Calicut
  28. Dr. Mohan Noone, Neuro Surgeon, Baby Memorial Hospital